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“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego,

the second half is going inward and letting go of it.”  ~ Carl Jung

The 6 Week Unfolding Workshop - Created Especially for Women Over 40

*A one and a half hour community gathering (online)

*A short presentation each week to introduce the concept for discussion.

*Weekly Journal prompts for further reflection and self inquiry.


Module 1:  Identify

The Caterpillar Stage  




Week 1:  Identity - How did I become ‘Me’?   

What influences contributed to my sense of identity?

Identity - How I tell my story

 How I show up in the world through my story

Week 2:  How I identify myself through aspects of the Enneagram

 Differentiating 'Roles' from Identity

What is ego?

Module 2:  Release 

 Metamorphosis - The Chrysalis Stage




Week 3: Understanding my core motivation and how it serves my sense of Identity

Questioning and releasing attachment to limiting beliefs

What has served me in creating my identity and what is now limiting my growth?

       Weeks 4: Who am I Becoming?

        Why is it necessary to let go?



Module 3:  Unfold

    Free to Fly - Butterfly emerges







Week 5:  A New Identity 

Your True Imago is Revealed

 Week 6: - Taking Flight - Celebrating the Unfolding 

Letting the beauty of your Enneagram type serve you, not define you


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