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What to Expect From Me and The Unfolding Coaching Program
  • Coaching is not a ‘one size fits all’. As your coach, my first priority is listening in a way that you know you are being heard. I try to follow the practice of “Deep Listening” as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh which is ‘to allow someone to empty their heart so they suffer less.” Tell me your story. From here we can create a strategy that fits your needs and leads to less suffering and deeper joy.

  • Identify and understand your enneagram type and how it shows up in your life - the healthy attributes as well as those that may be creating barriers to growth and interpersonal relationships. 

  • Define your core values. Uncover and release attachment to limiting beliefs. 

  • Create new patterns that will lead to more self-compassion and awareness of your own and other people’s patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

  • Move from feeling powerless to embracing the strength of your Enneagram type, allowing it serve you, not define you.

What's Next?
“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, 
the second half is going inward and letting go of it.”
Carl Jung
The Release comes only when we can observe and identify what's no longer serving us. Behaviors and defenses that may have been exactly what we needed in our earlier stages of life could be the very things that are now impeding our growth. Once we know, we can let go. 
How can we let it go if we aren’t sure what ‘it’ is?
The answer is in the quote by Jung…we must go inward, look beyond the physical body and the complexity of the personality we use to support our identification with it. We are not our type, we are not our success stories nor our failures, we are not the roles we play. We are so much more...just waiting to unfold. 
Who Is The Unfolding For?
The Unfolding
What is The Unfolding? Click the image above to learn.
About Me
Allow me to introduce myself 

My name is Denée King and I discovered the Enneagram 14 years ago when my friend handed me a book entitled 'The Wisdom of The Enneagram' and said, "I think you're a 7." 

What was a 7? As I began reading this book it described 9 different types. Was I born an Enneagram 7? Could I change if I didn't like being that type? What type was my husband?What about my children and my friends? What difference would knowing the Enneagram make in my life? Was this just another personality typing system? What makes this one different? Asking those question, and dozens more, led me down a road that changed, well, everything! 

I knew that if the Enneagram could strengthen my own relationships and open my heart to self compassion and empathy that I wanted to share this gift with others. So I jumped in, learned to swim in these new waters and never looked back. In discovering my core motivations (the persistent driving force beneath my outer behavior), the hidden fears that were standing in the way of my growth and how to release long held assumptions and limiting narratives, I can say, wholeheartedly, I'm forever grateful that my friend shared the Enneagram with me. 

As an Enneagram certified coach my desire is to listen, truly listen, and help guide women as they find their own true voice through life's transitions. Through the many years of self study and the years with my mentors, teachers and coaches, I say humbly but confidently, I'm prepared to be your guide. There is joy in releasing what no longer serves you and unfolding into the true freedom you were meant to experience.  

This is my story. I'd love to hear yours. 
*Certification in Enneagram and Applications (Enneagram Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga., 2019)
*'Levels, Wings and Arrows' workshop (Enneagram Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga., 2018)
*Luminous- Two Day Enneagram Intensive (Teachers: Ian Morgan Cron and Beatrice Chestnut - Nashville, Tn. 2019)
*Certified in Coaching With The Enneagram 1.0 (The Enneagram in Business, San Francisco, Ca., 2020)
*Completed 6 Month Coaching Apprenticeship Program (The Enneagram Workshop, 2021)
*Coaching with the Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics/ Levels of Consciousness (Dr. Deborah Ooten, Conscious Living Center, 2023)
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