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The Unfolding Enneagram

Guided coaching honoring the past, embodying transformation, unfolding to discover all you were created to be.

What is Guided Coaching?

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If you are reading this it's because you are, most likely, already a seeker. In fact, you may have been gathering information for a long time. I understand that. I am here to help you find more than just information but the tools for transformation.


As we enter new seasons of life, change will naturally occur. Traversing new territory alone and with no real sense of direction can be overwhelming but walking the path with a trusted guide and companion ensures you're not being put in danger of going where you don't want to go while also revealing beautiful aspects of the journey you would have never noticed.


The Unfolding Enneagram Guided Coaching Program is designed to give you step by step direction that is unique to your journey. My focus is affirming your value right where you are today, embracing the story of your past with compassion and releasing the barriers that no longer serve the life you desire.

I offer individual coaching as well as group coaching, both centered around specific aspects of the  Enneagram as well as wisdom from spiritual teachers. who have been influential in my own spiritual awakening. The Unfolding Community program will include a 10 week, weekly online meeting, a course intentionally designed to empower you to feel safe, confident and encouraged each step of the journey and weekly journal prompts to allow for in-depth reflection.  Individual Coaching programs are tailored to your specific needs....from single sessions to a more structured program that feels right for you.


If you're curious about this approach to coaching, I'd love to chat to see if it's a fit for you! Schedule a free discovery call below.

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Individual Coaching

You know your Enneagram type…now what? You’ve read books, talked to friends and still feel “stuck”…like you’re just doing life but not living it.

If you're ready to break through...let's do the work together - just the two of us.

Open-hearted seekers find more than just information, but the tools for transformation today that will be accessible through all of life’s transitions.

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The Unfolding Community

You are invited to be a part of a community where we share our commonality and celebrate our individuality. This 10 week program will provide a framework for the path to unfolding, grounded compassion and insight to more than just your Enneagram type structure.

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The Unfolding Enneagram(2)_edited.png

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The Unfolding
The Unfolding Enneagram(2)_edited.png

The Unfolding is the perfect timing of nature revealing exactly what we need, when we need it. It is a process of being given insight through searching, wisdom in surrendering and strength though struggle. Like the butterfly, its struggle to free itself from the tiny opening of the cocoon pushes the fluid out of its body and into its wings giving it the strength it needs to miraculously unfold in precise time. Without that struggle, the butterfly would never, ever fly.


The Enneagram is a process of unfolding, releasing what nature so loving provided as a necessary shield until we were ready to fly. Like the cocoon or chrysalis that serves to protect until development is complete, our personalities and our defense mechanisms protect us until we have matured and are ready to break free from what no longer serves us. It's your time to fly!


Denée King
Enneagram and Conscious Transformation Coach

I'm so honored our paths have crossed. I've been a seeker for many years and a challenger for almost all of them. Just ask my mom! I discovered the Enneagram 12 years ago when my friend handed me a book and said..."I think you're a 7." For many years prior to learning about the Enneagram, I had studied the works of such beautiful teachers as Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and Brené Brown to name a few. Seeking, learning, opening my heart for better understanding, letting go of long held beliefs and embracing a love of 'what if there's more?' has led me to this place....for such a time as this. My desire is to help those who are also seeking and asking. Through years with my own mentors, teachers, coaches and guides, I say humbly but confidently, I'm prepared to be your guide, your coach. There is healing in the discovery of what lies beneath our instinctual drives and beyond the assumptions and narratives we have held about the limitations of who we are. There is a divine source guiding us to the freedom we were created to experience!

As a partner for over 20 years with Presence, International, a non-profit organization contributing to the developmental evolution of individual and collective spiritual consciousness, I have been committed to my own personal transformation. I continue to be open to an ever expanding awareness of a life that is greater than we can imagine if we are open. 

**CERTIFIED IN ENNEAGRAM APPLICATIONS (Enneagram Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga., 2019)
**LUMINOUS - Two Day Enneagram Intensive (Teachers: Ian Morgan Cron and Beatrice Chestnut - Nashville, Tn. 2019)

**CERTIFIED IN COACHING WITH THE ENNEAGRAM 1.0 (The Enneagram in Business, San Francisco, Ca., 2020)