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Welcome to The Unfolding Enneagram

I'm Denée King and I'm honored you're here!

Is there anything more beautiful than a woman who is living in authenticity? She’s confident in her inherent worth! She’s learned to balance work and rest, community and solitude, free to explore all the passions of her heart, untethered in body and mind, free to simply be. 

Wait...What? Who is this woman?

Let’s be honest…this woman doesn’t exist. Oh, sure, we all might have days where we feel we have finally attained this degree of self awareness but then…life knocks us off course. The magic of midlife is knowing..’this too shall pass’, the sorrow and the joy, detaching from the idea of permanence…embracing the ebb and flow of certainty and doubt, of gain and loss, of control and surrender. This is living in authenticity and it is..beautiful!

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“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, 

the second half is going inward and letting go of it.”

Carl Jung

The Unfolding is the perfect timing of nature revealing exactly what we need, when we need it. It's a Revolution of Spirit....a Midlife Metamorphosis. 

As women who have lived long enough to form our story, our ego, the question is, as we transition to new phases of life…why must we let it go if we’ve worked so hard to create it? What is its purpose? And how can we let it go if we aren’t sure what ‘it’ is?


The answer is in the quote by Jung…we must go inside and look beyond the physical body and the complexity of the personality we use to support our identification with it. 


Using the Enneagram as a foundation combined with observations in nature, specifically the life cycle of the butterfly, we can unfold the mystery of our true identity, our Imago, and understand the necessity, yes..the absolute necessity of the ego. Then, and only then, can we identify the parts of our ego-story that no longer serve our growth and let them go. 

This is the Release.

Who Is The Unfolding For?
About Me

Denée King
Midlife Metamorphosis Guide & Transformation Coach

I'm so honored our paths have crossed. I've been a seeker for many years and a questioner for almost all of them. Just ask my mom! I discovered the Enneagram 14 years ago when my friend handed me a book and said..."I think you're a 7." For many years prior to learning about the Enneagram, I had studied the works of such beautiful teachers as Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and Brené Brown to name a few. Seeking, learning, opening my heart for better understanding, letting go of long held beliefs and embracing a love of 'what if there's more?' has led me to this place....for such a time as this. And this time is Midlife. It took me a while to embrace that fact but once I became comfortable with it I realized, contrary to the fear-based marketing of a time of Crisis, it was actually a time of Awakening...A Revolution of Spirit!

A Midlife Metamorphosis.

My desire is to walk alongside women who are embracing this time of midlife awakening, who are also seeking and asking. Through years with my own mentors, teachers, coaches and guides, I say humbly but confidently, I'm prepared to be your guide. There is freedom and joy in the discovery of what lies beneath our instinctual drives and beyond the assumptions and narratives we have held about the limitations of who we are. There is a divine source guiding us to the freedom we were created to experience!

As a partner for over 20 years with Presence, International, a non-profit organization contributing to the developmental evolution of individual and collective spiritual consciousness, I have been committed to my own personal transformation. I continue to be open to an ever expanding awareness of a life that is greater than we can imagine. 


**CERTIFIED IN ENNEAGRAM APPLICATIONS (Enneagram Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga., 2019)
**LUMINOUS - Two Day Enneagram Intensive (Teachers: Ian Morgan Cron and Beatrice Chestnut - Nashville, Tn. 2019)
**CERTIFIED IN COACHING WITH THE ENNEAGRAM 1.0 (The Enneagram in Business, San Francisco, Ca., 2020)

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