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Suffering from a meeting disorder

Let me assure you before I go any further that I am in no way mocking anyone with an eating disorder. That said….

I used to go to church.

I used to belong to a Bunco group.

I used to work in an office environment.

I used to travel all across the country with a group of mothers who supported, cheered, sewed costumes and did a million other things so our daughters could perform and compete on a clogging team. We spent Thanksgiving day at the Rio in Las Vegas for one of these competitions. And yes, our team won….thanks for asking. :-)

Each of these communities fulfilled a role in my life but today, I am no longer a part of any of those communities for a variety of reasons.

This morning, as is the case almost every morning, my husband and I were having conversation over our coffee. Sometimes we talk about the kids and grandkids, sometimes we talk about our plans for the future but almost always we end up talking about the work we do which is not easy to describe in elevator pitch words. We both work in the areas of ‘transformation’. My focus is on personal transformation and coaching while he has worked in spiritual transformation and integral theology for over 40 years. Both, at their core, each have the foundational question of identity. That explains everything, right? Moving on….

During this particular conversation we were discussing the era of ‘deconstruction’ we, as in the collective ‘we’, are living in. The long list of old identities and paradigms are being changed faster than we know how to handle. In so many areas we know what we DON’T want (to do, be, believe, etc.) but in so many ways this collective ‘we’ has no tangible idea of where we’re heading. We’ve been busy moving ‘from’ but not sure of the ‘to’. All we know is, a lot of what we thought was our identity is falling apart. That’s not a bad thing but along the way we’ve fallen apart from each other.