Cactus and Cousins

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

I’m not a fan of the cactus in general. I like those little tiny succulents, especially the bright pink or yellow ones! And, I do like a prickly pear jelly which is delicious on a breakfast burrito. But I’ve been in the Arizona desert and run into some of the sharpest needles that side of the Mississippi. I didn’t actually run into it. I was chased into it by my mean, older cousin who knew exactly what he was doing because he lived in Arizona and just wanted for me to have that desert cactus experience! Now you know why I’m not a fan of the cactus...or certain cousins! (BTW he grew up to be pretty cool!)

But, these days - and by ‘these days’ I mean as a person in her second half of life - I’m not in such a big a hurry. Maybe because no one is chasing me any more. Every once in a while my husband pretends he's going to chase me in that playful way young loves do but then we bust out laughing and eat ice cream on the couch. Where was I? Oh yes… add to those days, these days of the Covid19 pandemic where we really have more time th