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Covid confessions

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

I have a secret. It’s one of those secrets that I’m afraid will ruin my reputation! I have an image to uphold, y’all. I’ve worked hard to create this image. How long have I been working on this, you ask? My entire life!! I’m an Enneagram type 7 through and through. I love all the 7 memes! When someone says, ‘of course you reframed that situation…you’re a 7’ or…’I guess you’ll be throwing a party for THAT because 7s are all about a party’, I feel proud! And I secretly get giddy when someone accuses me of starting yet another project because it validates that I have a never-ending river of ideas. Call me a monkey-mind! It just encourages me to do or learn more! Do I have Peter Pan syndrome? Absolutely! Would I rather focus on the positive? Of course! I do not NOT love being a 7. But that’s not my secret. How could it be when I’m rather transparent when it comes to claiming my 7 life? My secret is one that might cause someone to call me a fraud or accuse me of lying and maybe even have me kicked out of the Society of Sevens. So…here goes. My confession is that I’ve been enjoying being forced to slow down. I’ve rested…and I like it. I’ve done nothing of any supposed significance for an entire day and no one cared, least of all, me! I’ve given myself permission to watch television at ‘inappropriate times of the day’ and found out that being not exhausted is kind of exhilarating. I still look for the silver lining even in this situation. I still plan for the future when I can use those parts of my personality that serve me well but I’m observing that, while I have a type 7 personality, it doesn’t have me. I’m Denée and I confess...

...this confinement has been rather freeing.


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