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Let your humanity give birth to your divinity

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

You live with a running 'to do' list whether it's in a carefully curated daily planner, on a random piece of paper grabbed out of the junk drawer or on the mental treadmill that's constantly running in our minds. You plan, check it off the list or move it to the second running list..."TBD when and if" which is stamped with invisible ink that only you can see that says something like..."You should have done it already!" or "People depend on you and you're letting them down...again!" I don't have to tell you what's on YOUR list but I can guess and I'd be right. But what if you added a life changing Plan of Action to our list? A plan to stop living with regret!

It's the things that catch you off guard that throw that proverbial giant monkey wrench in your plans. This is not living with worry and doubt or preparing for the's giving yourself grace. It's determining, ahead of time, that you will not be in bondage to your humanity.

The question is...what will you do when these things happen...because they will.

Like all the other items on your 'to do' can deal with them now or put them on the "TBD when and if" list...the one with your secret invisible ink reminding you (lying to you!) of how, once again, you have failed. What will you choose to do with that lie? Whose voice do you hear? Will you acknowledge your humanity and choose to respond with a plan that brings you peace or will you store them away where, over time, tucked away in the memories of the past, they grow stronger and more difficult to confront? Will you allow them to create a sense of helplessness and hopelessness and rob you of your right to experience the JOY of LIVING today? How long must you carry the past?

You were created to live a life of love, joy and belonging...of wholeness and worthiness..of the freedom to are the light of the world! It's been the plan for you...all along.


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