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Covid Confessions Part II - Answers from Other Enneagram types

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

So…I shared my own confession regarding my big AHA moments in this pandemic lockdown. If you missed the big reveal you can read it HERE. It was SHOCKING, I tell ya! But then I got to wondering if other enneagram types were discovering things about themselves during this time that were equally surprising. So…I asked! And answer they did! The following are exact quotes from the Enneagram Reddit community: Type 2: “I can't wait for people to go back to work. 2s want people's unconditional love, attention, and affection, right? This should be clutch time for me. All this depression, I can help everyone!!! Unlimited time together? Heaven. Instead it's caused me to grow an spine. No, you can not criticize every little thing that I do. Taking out your fragile ego and frustrations on me is not appropriate behavior. No, I will not handle every one of your micro-moods. Develop some basic self-soothing mechanisms. No, I don't want to talk, I need alone time. From their cries of anguish you would think staying home was the end of the world.” (Anonymous)

Type 4: “Obviously I feel really guilty being happy about what has happened to me during the pandemic because a shit ton of people have died during this quarantine, but i have learned that my self expression should be more important than my fear of rejection from other people.I like expressing myself with my clothes and I stopped doing that in high school because i was afraid of how people saw me (gotta love being an Social Dominant) but I realized I wasn’t being true to myself. i just ordered some new clothes and I’m gonna shave my head soon, so hopefully I can keep my fears under control and not have a panic attack in September.” (Reddit contact: @u/[hitoshi-san])

Type 6: “My confession: I'm actually a person who doesn't go out much and I'm fine with it because I have freedom to choose if I'll go out or not, but now it's become a rule to not going out and it makes me have an urge to rebel and just go out but then I think about the worst case scenarios if I go out so I can't go out and it makes me frustrated! But then I want this pandemic to end ASAP so I'm fine with it anyway.” (Reddit contact: @u/[freezerfrost]) Type 7: “I can totally relate!! I am a 7 as well and it feels baffling to be enjoying quarantine! For me, I am enjoying not hustling! For the first time in years, I have stopped long enough to breathe and truly relax. I have had days where I actually tapped into my 8 wing and gotten things done- like taxes! I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Another conclusion, for myself, is I don't enjoy the "rules" of have to work to make money, you have to have money to do/have things. The things I enjoy doing typically do not make me a lot of money or at least not yet (art). So I have to have a job right now that is not my passion. So, in quarantine, I am not allowed to do that job! So everyday, I get to choose what I am I am painting, learning piano (I rented a piano for quarantine), baking, and watching SO much tv and zoning out. And for the first time, it's totally acceptable to be broke!!! LOL So I'm just a happy broke camper, living my life, doing exactly what I want to do everyday! Dare I say this...I am dreading when quarantine is over and I have to go back to "making money" instead of just being.” (Reddit contact: @u/[Datquarantinelife])

Looks like we've been fighting more than just a virus - many of us have been fighting to hold on to an way of thinking that no longer serves us. And, perhaps, the N95 masks (or a DIY mask) aren't the only masks we've been using to cover up. Here's to winning all the battles and being FREE to live without any masks.


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