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Instant Access

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Do you want to send a picture to your mom? Guess what? You don’t have to buy a roll of film, take a picture, drop your film off at the little Kodak kiosk, wait 3 days, hope that at least a few of those shots were good, drive back to purchase the developed photos, sift through 15 horrible pictures to find one or two decent ones, put them in an envelope and send them by US Postal service hoping they didn’t get bent by the time they were delivered across country. Today we have so much technology in our hands that we can take as many pictures as we want and just text them anywhere in the world instantly! Instant Joy! And all those poses that are less than flattering? Delete…instantly.

Tweet it! Text it! Post it! Share it!

As an Enneagram type 7 I am all about JOY! And the idea that I can access it in an instant is the best thing about the technology we have at our fingertips.

I realize how old I am when I remember going to college and calling my parents at night to let them know I was safe in my dorm. I would call their house, wait for someone to answer and say “I’m in my dorm. I love you!” And then I’d hang up. Why? Because every minute cost when you had to make a long distance call from Lubbock, Texas to San Antonio. Back then we had what we called “Land Lines.” Actually, that’s not what we called them because those were the only lines - cell phones had not been invented. It was simply called a telephone. Oh and the reason my call was less than 10 seconds was because the phone company didn’t start charging until 15 seconds…or something like that. Maybe my dad just said that so my mom and I wouldn’t talk for hours because my dad was king of running a tight financial ship and time was money!