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Lost in thought

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Was I lost in thought…planning for all the important tasks that I think are mine? Did I reach for the stars and lose my footing on solid ground? Was I so sure that I had to know that I forgot to play in uncertainty? Can I speak my mind and give you my heart? Was I so busy making sure you were safe from all the harm life could hurl at us..that I clipped your wings so you wouldn’t fly?

We love, we cry, we worry, we plan for the worst but hope for the best, or so we say. And all the while, while we are busy being busy, the sun rose while I wasn’t looking.

And so I stopped and looked and stayed for a moment lost in this thought that the sun is here… every day…giving life to every moment… when I’m planning, and reaching and learning and playing and speaking my mind and imagining the world might stop turning without my involvement, loving you while fearing that something this amazing could disappear if I look away.

Then the moon appeared and the sky was dark and I remembered to remember... that the sun will rise without my planning for it to do so.

The moon and stars give my busy mind a sign that it’s time to rest…from planning and worrying and being so far from the present moments that I might miss the very moment…. When the sun rises again tomorrow.

Sun shining through tree
Let the sun shine!

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